The One Where I Hate Waiting

As I’ve gotten older I have been noticing different changes in my taste. Like, I like broccoli now! I NEVER thought I’d see that day, and I guarantee you that neither could my parents. Another thing I’ve seen change is my sleep habits. Growing up, I was never a morning person, but a night owl. Now I have trouble staying up past midnight and usually wake up at seven every morning. I really enjoy my mornings. They usually involve me slowly getting ready and making my way out the door, getting a hot cup of coffee or tea and a bagel, and either reading my bible, journaling, or watching sermons/worship sets on iBethelTV. Mornings have become my time alone, my time to get my thoughts together, and a time to just be quiet…and alone.

Alone time is a rare thing in college. No matter where I go, there’s people. Don’t get me wrong, I love my roommate and friends, but sometimes you just want to be alone, you know? With all the constant moving and going from place to place and people always being around me, I just want to be alone! The idea of me even wanting to be alone is kinda weird, too…usually people describe me as an extrovert. Yes, even extroverts want to me alone sometimes, too.

Wait a minute…

This post wasn’t supposed to be about extroverted personalities..

That’s right, it’s about how I HATE being late and about how I HATE waiting for things. Patience is not a virtue that I naturally possess. Sorry if I get distracted in my writing. I blame it on my right-brained way of thinking (that link will take you to a fun test to see what side of the brain you use more).

Anyway, back to being late and hating to wait. (Focus, Jonathan!) I hate being late. It drives me nuts. It makes me moody. And it ruins EVERYTHING. My usual rule of thumb is if I’m not at least 5-10 minutes early for something then I’m late, but if I’m there early then that means that I have to wait, but I hate waiting! THE STRUGGLE!  Well, the other morning, I woke up super late. Immediately after I woke up, I rushed to get ready and run out the door. I didn’t have time for a cup of coffee and a bagel and definitely no alone time to start off my day. I was pissed. Sorry if that word offends you, but I said I would be honest and genuine with you, right?

Later that day after I had kinda calmed down, I was thumbing my way through twitter and found an article about Advent. Advent is a Latin word meaning to wait, to long, or to prepare for a visit. Advent is the time of year usually starting in early December in which you are encouraged to sit, pray, and read scriptures and psalms about the foretelling of the coming Messiah, a time to prepare your heart for his visit. There’s something so traditional, so mysterious, so ancient about Advent that stirs my heart.

Advent is all about the mystery and beauty of Jesus’ birth. Right at a time when I was angry about being late, I was reminded about how in my busyness, I often forget to give Him time, too.

These next few weeks leading up to Christmas Day, I’ll be trying my absolute hardest to make sure I give Him at least a little bit of time each day. In the midst of video projects, final papers, and final exams, He is worth the waiting, the anticipation, the celebration, and the preparation.

Happy Advent.


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