The One About Labels

I’ve always thought the hardest and most awkward aspect about social media is the little blurb you have to write about yourself. These little blurb things are mostly on Instagram and Twitter. 

I never know what to write in those things. I hate talking about myself, and I most definitely hate labeling myself. I could say stuff like: Keyboardist, songwriter, worship pastor, photographer, Christian, etc.

The truth is that all of those adjectives and many others have all been in my “about me” section at one time or another, and if you’re anything like me, it’s never easy to figure out what should be in that ever-so-important box of info so other people know everything about you.

That little voice in my head spoke to me today. He said, “Why do you have so much trouble labeling yourself when it’s so easy for you to label others?”

I started thinking about all the people I label and stereotype just based on what I can see.

She likes Nacho Libre? – What horrible taste.

You’ve never heard of The Civil Wars? – Ignorant fool.

Is that guy really wearing Crocs to class? – You’re tacky and I hate you. 
They don’t like the Spurs? – What is wrong with these people?
You don’t believe in Jesus? – We have nothing in common.
I started thinking about how big of a jerk I am. I started thinking about how many friendships and relationships I’ve passed up because I create borders where there are none. 
It’s happened to me, too, I’m sure. I’ve met with people for the first time and the very first thing they ask me is my political leaning. 
“I’m too conservative for my liberal friends and I’m too liberal for my conservative friends,” I’ve learned to say.
They ask what denomination of Christianity I belong to and I say, “none.”
They ask how I feel about women being leaders in the church and a part of me feels sad as to why we’re still having this discussion about women in leadership to begin with.
I think about all the times people have wrongly labeled or misjudged something about my personality or my beliefs. I like to think that I’m more than the sum of my Instagram shots and my tweets.
I’m beginning to realize how much those labels have changed over the past ten years, and I wonder how much more they will change.
I’m sorry if I’ve labeled you. I’m sorry if I’ve never given you a chance because you don’t like Taylor Swift. I forgive you if you don’t like Star Wars. 
Let’s be friends.
*Disclaimer- This post reflects my personal opinions and thoughts. I am on the leadership team at Living Word Church in San Antonio, Texas, and this blog does not necessarily reflect the opinions or vision statement of Living Word.




6 thoughts on “The One About Labels

  1. Love this! I am definitely guilty of “labeling” also, but I’ve been trying to get better at this (and judging in general). Thanks for this reminder!


  2. My favorite:
    “You’ve never heard of The Civil Wars? – Ignorant fool.”

    LOL 👊 Well done, my Dear.

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